Mission Statement:

  • Advance integration of Asian Americans into the local community, while
    maintaining ethnic traditions, culture and identity;
  • Stress unity among diverse groups;
  • Initiate charitable activities, and foster cultural exchange and civic
  • Advocate equal representation as a minority group;
  • Nurture a non-partisan atmosphere of cooperation; and
  • Strive to secure and uphold civil rights and equal justice under the United
    States Constitution and other laws of the United States for all
    Americans regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion, education,
    profession, disability, or national origin.

The AASoCV welcomes membership from other Asian communities to join and strengthen the Asian American community in Central Virginia.

Who We Are / What We Do / Why We Ask You To Support Us:

AASoCV shall promote and sponsor civic, business, cultural and educational programs and activities that shall further the following:

LEADERSHIP: AASoCV has actively nominated candidates for Leadership Metro Richmond