Sujit Gurung

Born and raised in a refugee camp in Nepal, I came to the US in 2009 and have been living the American dream. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I now work in healthcare research. Inspired by people who helped me during my rough refugee days, I now devote a lot of my time to helping my community by leading volunteers for projects or connecting to organizations like AASoCV. I will continue to volunteer passionately because it makes me very happy.

Jyoti Rimal

Immigrating to the US with my family 2010 when I was nine years old, I am now a junior at VCU majoring in Sociology and minoring in Nonprofit Management. As a Client Representative with Reestablish Richmond, I’m very passionate about the work that I do for the immigrant community. Being a part of AASoCV allows me to share my Bhutanese culture and learn about other communities in the area.

Prakash Adhikari

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