Pim Bhut

Pim Bhut immigrated to the United States as a Cambodian refugee during 1984. Inspired by the generosity of volunteers and nonprofit organizations that helped her, Pim has spent the last 20 years supporting Prey Moul, a small village in Cambodia, where she grew up. Independently and through fundraisers, Pim has provided resources to supply the village with clean water and support their local primary school with equipment and supplies. Through Love Without Boundaries (LWB), she hopes to continue her work helping other Cambodian villagers in need. She also supports the Cambodian community at home in Richmond, Virginia, volunteering her time at a local Buddhist monastery and organizing cultural events.

Aiyana Bradshaw

Born in Vietnam during the war, I was lucky to be one of the few that survived the Orphan Airlift crash and got adopted by my loving family in California. Currently, I reside in Henrico, Virginia and operate a successful online boutique called The Walking Elephant, LLC. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, working out, and spending time with family. In addition to being a BoT in AASoCV, I serve on the Cambodian Food Festival (CamFest) Committee Board as a facilitator.

Moniratha Muong

Moniratha was born and raised in Cambodia and spent three years in the Bonteay Ampil's refugee camp. He arrived in Newport News, Virginia in 1993, and then moved to Richmond in 2000. He is currently working for Delta airport consultants, Inc. as a Civil Engineering Technician.

Before he became an Executive Committee member at AASoCV, he was a co-founder and served as a secretary for four years at the Cambodian Buddhist Temple known as Khmer Samacky Monastery. At AASoCV, he represents the Cambodian Community and help the organization with Asian American Celebration 2022 as a Co-Chair, and Website Administrator, also serving as a Program Director.

He enjoys working with a variety of people and helping to promote Khmer Cultures.