Cambodian Traditional Band

Cambodian Community

Artist: Saving Chhaysy, Vanthet Keo, Teang Chheang, Heang Seng
Instrument: Goblet Drum, Takhê, Khim and Tro Khmer
Title: Pong Savadar Khmer (ពង្សាវតាខ្មែរ)

Many Cambodians fled their home country after the civil war in 1979. We are the survivors of the Cambodian genocide. For over forty years, Richmond, Virginia has been a second home to many Cambodian Refugees.

The Khmer Traditional Musicians have been practicing our traditional music in their free time. They have been performing and serving the Cambodian community to preserve the Khmer culture and tradition for the younger and future generations.

Today, we are performing the music called ពង្សាវតាខ្មែរ (Pong Savadar Khmer), which means Khmer Genealogy. It was composed by Professor Nuon Kan (នួន កន) at University of Fine Art on September 12, 1958, and is a nationalistic and patriotic sentiment song. This song encourages our younger generation to be proud of their heritage and to remember the wonderful and great civilization of the Khmer Empire.