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Artist: Peni Candra Rini and Gamelan Raga Kusuma
Title: Puspawarna, Wilujeng, Sri Kangronron, Sri Widada & Sri Kuncara

Artist Bio and Instrument Description

Peni Candra Rini, PhD (b. 1983) is a renowned Javanese singer, composer, and faculty member at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. Raised in an artistic family in a small fishing village in East Java, Peni first began studying voice at the age of 5 under her father, a village shadow master. She is one of only a handful of female composers in the majority Muslim nation. The Kronos String Quartet is currently performing her latest chamber work, which they premiered this year at Carnegie Hall. She is a former recipient of grants from the Asian Cultural Council, is a two-time grantee of the US State Department’s One Beat Program and in 2022 was named an Aga Khan Foundation laureate of the arts. During the spring 2023 semester she will be teaching as a Visiting Fulbright Artist-Scholar at the University of Richmond.

Gamelan Raga Kusuma accompanies master artist Peni Candra Rini in traditional Javanese music. Gamelan is the prevailing traditional music of Indonesia and is an intricate blend of sonorities, structured and patterned in unique rhythmic and melodic systems. It is built largely on tuned bronze percussion, and often accompanies highly formalized dance.

Gamelan Raga Kusuma and Peni Candra Rini will perform the following songs:
- Puspawarna: this song portrays the beauty of flowers which influence love and life.
- Wilujeng: This classical piece is performed for special occasions to welcome and wish everyone well.
- Sri Kangronron, Sri Widada & Sri Kuncara : these songs are depicting new beginnings of a bride and groom with many blessings and love for their journey.