Vietnamese Musicians

Vietnamese Community

Artist: Phuc Do and Nam Do
Instrument: Guitar and Piano/ Keyboard
Title: Trống Cơm (Rice Drum)

Artist Bio and Instrument Description

Representing the Vietnamese community is a multi‐talented father/son duo from Richmond, VA. Dad is Phuc Do, a Vietnamese American software engineer and guitarist/bassist who has been performing with his band, Blue Moon, in Richmond since 2000. The band’s music repertoire comprises of Western classic pop/rock as well as Vietnamese pop and folk/country songs.

Phuc believes that music is the best way to express oneself freely. So, it’s not surprising that his son, Nam Do, also shares this belief. Nam, a 16‐year‐old junior at Glen Allen High School, plays the flute in the school’s marching band and plays the keyboard in his middle school’s jazz band. Having played the piano intermittently since the age of 5, Nam enjoys exploring music on his piano whenever he’s free from schoolwork. He’s not sure of what he wants to be yet, but he is certain music will be a significant part of his life.

Aside from their love of music, father and son enjoy watching movies together too. The father/son duo’s performance tonight will be a guitar instrumental of traditional Vietnamese country/folk songs, accompanied by piano/keyboard.